Reasons We’d Date Each Other (AKA: Why We’re Awesome)


How To With Courtney and I go back quite a ways. But it wasn’t until recently when we started discussing our dating lives, in particular trading horror stories of dates gone… weird. What I’ve learned about her over time is that she’s awesome, and totally dateable. Here’s a quick list of reasons I’d date How To With Courtney:

  • Hilarious – This girl is funny. I mean, super funny. Like, be prepared to to get an ab workout from being doubled over with laughter.
  • Smart – And not in the obnoxious “I’m better than you” way. The kind of smart where you get a great conversation every single time.
  • Fun – Partly because she’s so creative, she’s super fun to be with. From fun activities (like highly competitive mini golf) to a personality bursting with energy, she’s an all around good time (and not just in the dirty way you’re thinking).

Honestly, I don’t see why any guy would pass up the opportunity to date her – unless a guy thinks he’s not good enough (which is entirely possible). I mean, all that in a pretty little package? Oh yeah.

Advice by Amanda was one of the first people I met in college. I instantly wanted to be her friend, and share her clothes because her style is just plain fab. After years apart (and about a million shared dating experiences) we reunited and got back on track to be the great friends I had always day dreamed about. Interested to find out why I’d date Advice by Amanda? Let me lay some knowledge on you:

  • Independent – Meet miss independent. Advice by Amanda knows what she wants and how she’s going to get it. Need a moulding caulked? Girl’s good with her hands.
  • Sarcastic – Personally I think everyone could be a bit more sarcastic, but my girl here? She’s the perfect amount of snark. Enjoy people watching? Grab this chick and you’ll be laughing (as well as have the perfect banter partner) the whole time.
  • Spontaneous – Interested in driving around looking for yard sales? Or maybe cliff diving? She’s your girl. Up for anything and ready for an adventure…probably one of the many qualities that sold me on this beautiful lady.

Why and how she is still single I have no idea, but lucky for you she magically is. And FYI, she probably won’t stay that way for much longer.

Now that we’re all on the same page (the page being that you want to be BFFs with us both), get ready for a decade of fantastic dating advice (and stories to go with it) headed your way!

2 thoughts on “Reasons We’d Date Each Other (AKA: Why We’re Awesome)

  1. Too funny! I have an amazing and gorgeous single BFF as well. We’ve had more than one discussion as to what a great match we would be…if only! Looking forward to reading more! A girl can never get enough token dating advice from some eventful stories!

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