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Every Girl Should Have Dinner Alone

At least once, every girl should have dinner alone. I’m not talking about dinner at a sandwich place (I’m looking at you delicious Panera Bread) or any other quick-bite places. I’m talking about a real restaurant where someone brings you food and drink and you don’t order at a counter first.200462297-001

Why is it important for a girl to have dinner on her own? Prove your independence by striking out on your own. Whether it’s to yourself, your friends, your family or even your exes – prove that you are your own person who enjoys time to themselves. When you sit and enjoy a meal on your own, it shows off your confidence. Having a meal by yourself shows others that you’re comfortable sitting alone. Sure, you can enjoy alone time at home after making a meal yourself or ordering takeout. But going out alone means you can enjoy yourself – both a good meal and your own company.

It can be scary the first time you venture out on your own. But you’ve probably done scarier things in your life (online dating = definitely scarier) and you’ve survived them all so far. Want some tips for your first time? Here’s few:

  • Pick a place you know – Either someplace where you just love the food, love the atmosphere, or somewhere you go often. I like to pick places that I know have a bar that isn’t very crowded. It takes off some of the pressure when you’re comfortable with your surroundings.
  • Be friendly with the bartender – One of the reasons I like sitting at an un-crowded bar is that the bartender will generally talk to you more often. Ask for drink recommendations, ask them their favorite dish, or bring up a current event. Be friendly and engaging and they’ll return the favor.
  • Bring “props” – Like a book, newspaper, your phone or anything else to entertain yourself. Especially if it’s your first time, you want to have something with you as a crutch. Bringing a book means you’ll have something to focus on and it potentially gives others a reason to approach you.

So go out and grab some dinner. If you’re like me, it’ll be some extra delicious sushi!

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5 thoughts on “Every Girl Should Have Dinner Alone

  1. I love dining alone at a nice bar.
    1. I only pay for what I order (sorry friends wo make more money than me, we’re not splitting this bill down the middle).
    2. Maybe I’ll take the bartender home (via Miranda and Steve).
    3. No one knows how to treat me more like the amazing woman that I am than amazing me! (or Tina Fey)

  2. I actually do this a lot. But last night, as I was dining at the bar of a very nice restaurant (it’s easy for a single to get a seat at the bar), another single lady sat down next to me. We ended up talking, realized we’re kind of in the same industry, had a lovely conversation, exchanged information, and both agreed to get together for dinner again sometime. It was a great experience, and perhaps a good way to make new friends.

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