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Rule #56 Men Should Always Buy Us Pancakes

Pancakes are delicious. There’s really nothing more to say about that.

pancakesBut there is more to say about why men should always buy us pancakes. This isn’t as strange a requirement as you might initially think. Pancakes are generally considered a breakfast food (although delicious at any time of day). Breakfast is consumed in the morning. So what we’re really saying here is buy us some breakfast!

Basically, if a guy does well on a date he makes it to a super fun sleepover. If we bestow a guy with the privilege of making it to this stage, we expect a little something-something. And by “something-something” we mean pancakes! It’s the honorable thing really.

It’s rare for men to actually bother taking a woman to breakfast the morning after. But is it really that much of a commitment? We’re not looking for something long-term here. We’re not looking to have your babies, meet your momma or your friends, or dive into a deep, meaningful relationship. Maybe we don’t even want to see you again. (Were you even any good during the sleepover?) But give us a little credit and reward us for the effort we made. We can take separate cars if it’s that much of a hassle. But buy us some damn pancakes!

*Disclosure: Rule order subject to change pending new and horrific dating experiences

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