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“U s0 sExi” – Why Spelling Matters

There are a few things I know about myself: 1) I’m an avid reader; 2) I’m fairly opinionated; 3) I’m a nerd; 4) Spelling and grammar matter to me!

Proper GrammarFor anyone who thinks that spelling is trivial in the grand scheme of things, you’re wrong (there’s the opinionated!). Spelling is a fairly basic skill. You start learning it somewhere in Kindergarten or first grade and then continue building on those skills throughout the rest of your school-aged years. With the wonder that is the Internet, it’s easier than ever to look up words and spell check. And yet, I still get the following messages:

“U s0 sExi!”

No. This is completely unacceptable. I will – just for a moment – ignore the content of this message. Focusing solely on the spelling, there is nothing correct with that statement! It’s not just a compulsion that I need everything spelled perfectly at all times. I understand that typos happen, and sometimes you rush through a message just to get all your thoughts out before you forget what you want to say. Certainly I get that people make mistakes, and that’s ok. But consistent spelling errors is a problem.

When a guy can spell, I basically swoon. Here’s why:

  1. Shows attention to detail – A man who can spell shows me a man who pays attention to the little things. Show me you’re not sloppy and I’ll be impressed.
  2. Educated or well-read – I know that I went to school for what seems like 47 years, and I’m not asking you to match that. But I am asking you to be educated or at a minimum, well-read. If you can spell, you show me that you’re smart – regardless of if that “smart” came from school or just picking it up as you teach yourself.
  3. Indicates a quality person – Something as simple as spelling actually tells me you’re no scrub (as my girls from TLC might say). We’ve already got something in common! I’m looking for specific qualities and it appears you have some of the ones I like.

It’s not a complete deal-breaker if you can’t spell. Just know that it’s going to deduct from your total score during my assessment of you as a potential suitor.

I mean, even the Lonely Island makes an attempt at semicolons (incorrectly).

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