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This Guy Sucks

abercrombie sucksLast month, retailer Abercrombie & Fitch made headlines when CEO Mike Jeffries took a stance against so-called “fat chicks.” He explained that he only wants people who are “hot” to be shopping at the store and wearing the clothes. Apparently, if you’re not a stick figure, you’re not part of the “cool crowd.” Jeffries claims that his business model is so he can target a specific demographic. He’s not the only clothing retailer that refuses to cater to larger sizes though. Many (or most) designer brands don’t go above a size 10. But what message does this give the average woman (who is a size 12-14)?

Here’s what it says to me: Being thin in better than being healthy and happy.

Amazing blogger Jes over on The Militant Baker wrote a letter to Mike Jeffries, calling him out for being narrow-minded and not understanding this kind of business model continues to objectify and punish women for not living up to societal standards. She then goes on to explain that his actions have also prompted a call (albeit an all-too-frequent call) for social change. She recreated half-naked Abercrombie ads that feature extremely thin women, but this time used her own rocking plus-sized bod.

With so many people (like Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga) focusing on being healthy, rather than solely being thin, it’s shocking to think that a CEO still thinks this is an appropriate business model. The only thing women should be worried about when shopping, is how they feel in the clothes they choose. Wear what makes you happy and feel good, and don’t let jackasses like Jeffries dictate what sizes are acceptable.

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