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Tattling to Mom – Awesome Reaction to Nude Dude

censored-davidAs someone who has been in the dating world for awhile now, I’ve gotten my fair share of naughty pics from dudes. While sometimes super awkward, it’s generally from someone I know. Appreciated or unappreciated, it’s weird that so many guys feel it’s appropriate to show you the goods so soon into the “getting to know you stage.” Online dating has only made this worse. Part of what makes it so awkward is that there is no standard way to handle it. What exactly do you say in response to some dude’s junk being sent to your phone unsolicited?

That’s why when I stumbled across this article on BuzzFeed I was so entertained. This enterprising young woman took it upon herself to throw down some threats. First, she clearly states her disinterest in the goods on display and then asks him why he feels it’s ok to send a girl pictures like that. And then she throws down the BEST threat ever: telling him mom!

Thanks to some clever internet detecting, she found his mother’s Facebook profile an threatened to show his mom how he objectifies women by sending naked pictures of himself. Like magic, this douche of a guy turns from cocky ass to a whiny coward. Amazing!

The next time I get an unwanted dick pic of a guy I just started talking to, I’m definitely going to go with the “tattle to your momma” method!

6 thoughts on “Tattling to Mom – Awesome Reaction to Nude Dude

  1. Is it objectifying *women* to send nude pictures of your junk to them? I don’t think it is. (Creepy, yes, Inappropriate, yes, But objectifying women? No.)

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