Rules for Asking for Photos… You Got Any Pics?

Can I have it

You make it to the number exchange portion of online dating with some guy. Awesome. You’re interested enough to take the risk of giving out your number which could be traced by some clever boy (unlikely, most are dumb), or open up the possibility that some guy could text you incessantly (MUCH more likely). But what happens as soon as this lucky dude gets your digits?

“You got any pics?”

There’s a few reasons this question drives me so crazy. Firstly, because I already have pictures on my profile! You already know what I look like. Also, you should assume that the pictures on my profile are kind of the same as the ones on my phone. Where do you think the profile pictures came from? Secondly, I trust no man’s intentions. When a guy asks if I “have any pictures,” I immediately assume they mean naughty pictures. Let’s face it. Guys are gross. Online dating is sketchy at best. It’s a fair assumption.

What are the rules for asking for photos then? Allow me to lay them out for you:

  1. Beloved pets – Maybe our conversation has turned to our furry friends – the pet who is your child. Totally ok to get a picture of Fido, Max the Cat, or Mr. Fish the giant goldfish.
  2. Favorite locales – You’ve been discussing how often you travel and some of your favorite destinations. Yes, you may indeed have a picture of that amazing beach I visited in Mexico.
  3. Something unbelievable – A giraffe walked right up to your car during a safari? You snapped a picture of a shark when you were shark diving? You high-fived a whale? You betcha – I’ll share those pics!

By the somewhat ridiculous turn this brief list took, you can probably detect a pattern here. The only pictures I’m going to share with you will very likely NOT have me in them. There’s no reason for me to send you one. We both know how to screen capture and save photos from the dating site so we can show friends our potential suitors.

Stop asking me for photos. It ain’t happening bro!

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