Sage Advice

If Liz Lemon Was Your Match Maker, This is What She’d Say

tina-fey“I’m sorry that you’ve stooped this low, asking me for advice is the equivalent of going on a Facebook dating site – that you had your mom create for you.” That’s how Ms. Lemon would start, most likely wearing her princess Leia dress.

You see Liz Lemon and I are kind of two of a kind. Growing up in white suburbia there wasn’t much for a girl to do. I was kicked out of Brownies, the number one babysitter, and the overweight member of my friends circle. Clearly my only hope in life was to rise above it all ala Liz Lemon style.

Though I didn’t have the matching haircut or overalls, I did have the sarcastic charm to get me out of – er – into many awkward dating situations. Basically what I’m trying to say is that most of my dating knowledge comes from 90’s songs and Liz Lemon.

So lets see what we can bestow on you:

Don’t Settle – If Liz can walk away from Dennis, you too can walk away from someone who calls you “Dummy.” What we can learn from this: Just because someone is there, waiting in the wings (and can make you laugh), doesn’t mean you need to settle for them. If Liz had settled for Dennis she wouldn’t be with James Marsden, and though we all love us some Dennis… I think we can agree that Criss is the best stay at home dad Liz could have asked for.

Sometimes Friends are Wrong – Our friends want what is best for us, but sometimes what they think is best for us really isn’t. Let’s look at Criss again, he’s unemployed and kind of stupid. He’s no Astronaut Mike Dexter… but then again he is a real person. Jack thinks Criss is completely wrong for Liz, that Liz should end up with someone steadier, read: someone who doesn’t sell hot dogs from a van. But, for Liz’s lifestyle to work she needs someone to stay at home and take care of the kids. Liz wants to be the bacon winner, which works out if she has someone who wants to stay at home.

When in doubt “Leia Out” – Too many people change who they are to fit into someone else’s life. That’s bull crap and we all know it. If you can’t seem to find Mr. Right it may be because you’re trying to fit into Mr. Wrong’s life. Why not be who you are? If you want to wear a princess Leia dress… wear it! Stop hiding who you are so you can fit into society’s norms. Be who you are and you’ll find someone who YOU want to spend the rest of your life with.

Lemon Out.

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