Not So Tall Tales / Sage Advice

The Boomerang

290px-BoomerangThere’s always that one person who continually crawls back into your life making you re-evaluate your current relationship status. The one who makes you want to rearrange your current situation so you can fit them in.

That person is your boomerang. The one who keeps coming back but always ends up going away again.

My boomerang recently came back into my life. He has this annoying way of picking the absolute worst times to show up. Normally I just shake him off because I’m in a relationship, but this time I was in an awkward situation.

You see, I’d been dating someone for two months. Just dating – like a grown up – but we hadn’t had the exclusive discussion yet, and he went away to Switzerland …and then my boomerang entered…

It was the attention I needed, the compliments I was seeking, and things just fell into place. Day after day for the entire week we talked from the start of work until I went to bed, breaking for meetings and meals – occasionally.

It wasn’t until he canceled our plans to hang out that week for the second time that I saw what was going on.

Like a boomerang he’ll come back long enough to make contact, but then needs to hit the road. A week of Gchats and Facebook messages was enough contact for him, hanging out with me in person was too big of a risk.

You can’t have a relationship with your boomerang – it won’t work. Similar to the physical boomerang, they’re awkwardly shaped and don’t stay put for long (just go with me on this one, I realize you need to throw the boomerang for it to leave, but…shut up).

For me, my boomerang has always been my one “what if.” The big, “well it could’ve been great,” guy. But every time he lands at my feet, I’ve realized is when he regroups. It’s like I’m his home base. He touches to make contact, then is thrown off to find someone else.

We all have this person, which is fine – sometimes even needed – it’s just important to remember how they fit in your life.

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