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Rules for Claiming You’re Into “Being Honest”


I’ll admit to throwing down a white lie or two (“working late, sorry!” or “I’ll text you…”). But I also never claim that I’m a completely honest person during dates. I don’t think there are many truly honest people. White lies serve a purpose. But real lies are deceitful, hurtful, and unnecessary in the online dating world.

What kills me is when a guy is all brag-y about how he’s a “straight-shooter” who prefers to just tell people the truth – and then ignores my texts and blows me off for a second date. That’s called being a hypocrite.

I had a great date with a guy who I immediately dubbed “Mythbusters guy” because he looked like Adam from Mythbusters. We met up for drinks and then took a walk to get some coffee and talked for several hours. During our conversation, we naturally discussed online dating and what it’s been like for each of us. He spent a significant amount of time telling me that one of the things he dislikes the most about online dating is the dishonestly. He went on a mini-rant about how if you don’t want to see someone, just tell them that. There’s no point in lying after you’ve only met a person once or twice.

After he spent all this time telling me how he thinks people should be honest, what happened when I tried to text him to ask for another date? Nothing. He didn’t respond at all. I gave it another three days and decided I would text him once more asking for a date (what could it hurt, right?) This time, he actually responded. When date day rolled around, I texted to confirm details – time, location – and… NOTHING!

I took the hint that he just wasn’t interested. But it was clear Mythbusters guy lied about being into honesty.

Here are the rules for claiming you’re into being honest:

  1. Actually be honest.

That’s it. Just the one rule. Shouldn’t be that hard. Either don’t claim you’re all about honesty, or practice what you preach.

5 thoughts on “Rules for Claiming You’re Into “Being Honest”

  1. I love this and have another tip: change the person’s phone number name in your phone to something like: Don’t Pick Up, Why Bother or Just Say No That way you will be prepared if he tries to weasel his way back into your life in the future.

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