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Who Needs a Man When You Have Audrey?

Audrey_Never Throw Out AnyoneThe other night I was feeling bad for myself. It was my first night alone with the puppy, no friends or boys for distraction. Just me and the dog. (And yet, didn’t think to call Advice by Amanda to see what kind of nonsense she had going on.)

So I made my mac and cheese, poured a glass of wine and decided to show the pup a few life lessons from the one and only Audrey Hepburn.

1. It’s never too early in the day to wear jewels.  Remember the song in The ProducersWhen You Got It Flaunt It?”  Well ladies, if you’ve got some fancy jewels don’t be afraid to break them out. Even if that means being totally over-dressed for the occasion, a little sparkle sometimes is just what you need to make yourself shine a little brighter.

2. Tiffany’s is where happiness lives. See what’s right in front of you. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in what you think you want, that you miss things that are right there, waiting for you to take. Spend less time scheming and dreaming of the “perfect” things and let yourself find happiness by seeing what’s really important.

3. Life’s a Fact, People do Fall in love. It might be hard to accept on your down days, but people do fall in love. It’s not something that is forced or can be predicted, but it happens. Life is a fact – things happen and then more things happen. But all those experiences add up to make you who you are and shape who you’ll become later. And it’s that person who will eventually find love.

4. It’s okay to protect yourself though. Being open to love and life doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect yourself. There’s a fine line between guarding your heart and closing it off though. Don’t give yourself to every person who comes into your life, but recognize that you need to give a small part to the people who mean the most. See people for who they truly are and think about how they add value to your life. That way you are smart enough to protect yourself but open enough to let love and life happen.

P.S. Advice by Amanda contributed to this post. Sometimes teamwork is the best approach.

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