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Sometimes You Just Need to Drink Wine on Your Couch… Alone


After a slew of dates that went nowhere, several weekends out with the best friend, and an overwhelming feeling of despair in regards to my dating life, I decided to call it quits and spend some time drinking wine on my couch… alone.

Whether you think of dating as a marathon or a sprint doesn’t really matter. At some point, it’s exhausting. Before you get to the point where you just want to throw in the towel, remember to take some incredibly important “me time.” Typically, that means wine, movies and a couch for me. The last time I reached the point of no return in dating and partying I most definitely opened up a bottle of wine and left it on the coffee table in front of me for easier refill access. I would also like to mention that my wine glasses are like fish bowls and can fit about half a bottle of wine. Why waste your time having to pour more when you can just give yourself a generous glass to begin with?

Here are five reasons to drink wine on your couch alone on occasion:

  1. Wine is delicious. Perhaps the simplest starting point. Wine is lovely to drink. Make it your own by adding a splash of seltzer or some fruit and call it bastardized sangria. White or red, just go with something you like.
  2. Forget your troubles. At some point (usually around half a bottle) you begin to forget your troubles. I’m terrible at turning off my brain so sometimes it just needs a little help getting dull for a short amount of time.
  3. Self-indulgence is important. So often we all forget that it’s not just about doing things for other people and making sure the people we love are happy. Sometimes it’s important to self-indulge a little. Especially for the single girl – if you don’t pamper yourself now and then, who else is going to do it for you?
  4. Help yourself relax. While similar to forgetting troubles, taking the time to stretch out with some vino and a flick can get you in a more relaxed state of mind. Even if you don’t put your troubles behind you, it’s still possible to zone out and feel refreshed the next morning.
  5. Remember why being single is fun. In the midst of the dating marathon, sometimes you can lose sight on why being single is sometimes really fun. The single girl can pop a cork and watch bad movies for hours without judgment. When else in your life are you going to be able to enjoy uninterrupted time like this?

Just remember, you never need a reason to have champagne either. Sometimes, “Oh look! A bottle of alcohol!” is reason enough to indulge.

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