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5 Tips for Dating as a Blogger

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I have been a blogger now for quite some time.  Enough time that it has become like a third arm in my life.  I am not willing to part with my blog.  My blog is not willing to part with me.  Whomever I date needs to understand that they will become part of my disclosure policy.  So I decided to get real and update my online dating profile to make this very clear from the beginning.  So there you have it!  Now you know why I am writing a post and offering you 5 tips for dating as a blogger:

1.  Make it very clear that whomever you are dating is about to become a category on your blog

Seriously, bloggers, you need to get organized with the categories on your blog.  Why wouldn’t the person you are dating become one?  Or are the other categories on your blog more important?

2.  Offer them the opportunity to change their Facebook security settings before meeting them

What blogger wouldn’t cyber stalk someone when dating them?  We have all the tools, we know how social media works, and we might want to link to their profile in a blog post about the first date.  So before you head out to meet Mr. Right, give him a heads up that he might want to update his security preferences if he wants to ensure that a screenshot of his profile doesn’t end up on Instagram.

3.  Explain that one of the benefits of dating you is a handle mention in your Twitter profile

What dude wouldn’t want to be linked with your Twitter profile?  If he doesn’t, well, maybe he is an upstanding citizen and does not want to be associated with your online persona.  If that is the case though, maybe he shouldn’t be dating you.

4.  Let them know that dating you may include the benefit of sampling new products

A lot of bloggers these days get hooked up with free stuff (that then, of course, we declare as a form of income to the IRS).  What man wouldn’t want to sample the latest, greatest razor?  What man wouldn’t want a swag bag filled with freebies from the coolest brands?  One of the things my ex-boyfriend was most excited about was a cup I got in a swag bag.  Why, I do not know.  However, he used it every single day and talked about how awesome my blog was because it gave him his favorite cup.  You need a guy like that.

5.  Tell them you can get them an almost-all-expenses paid trip or possibly even corporate sponsorship for your wedding event

Yeah, so the reality of getting an all expenses paid trip is probably not as likely as getting corporate sponsorships for your wedding, but if you are looking for a guy as frugal as you, then you need to find a guy who would be super psyched to have his wedding program have a corporate logo on it.  If a guy isn’t psyched about using your unique pageviews to accomplish great things, then he is not for you.  If he isn’t over the moon by the fact that you have thousands of Twitter followers and can use them to your advantage, then he isn’t for you.  Find a dude that loves the business aspect of your blog as well as the benefits that come with it.

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