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Don’t Be a Debbie Dating Downer

There’s nothing I hate more than people who constantly doubt their ability to date. When you do this you’re setting yourself up to fail. I speak from knowledge people.


There once was a time, long, long, LONG, ago, that I didn’t think I knew how to date. I would awkwardly sit and twirl my hair, fumble through my life story elevator pitch, and slowly poke at the pathetic salad I had in front of me for dinner. I would normally self-shame myself through, pointing out my flaws, and feeling unworthy of an actual date. It was pathetic to be honest, and the reason no guy liked me was because I didn’t like myself.

Okay, I promise that was my last self help line in this post.

But honestly, take a look at how you view yourself. An honest look. I’ve been doing this a lot lately, after a string of no-hit losers I was beginning to wonder if I was going after the wrong kind of guy because I wasn’t being fair to myself. And low and behold…we had a winner. I was bad at dating because I didn’t think I was worthy enough to be dating anyone, so the good guys weren’t interested and the losers just wanted to kick me while I was down.

Sound familiar yet?

If you focus on your negatives and how you can’t stand dating it’s not going to be your thing…ever. So snap the EFF out of it and focus on how amazing you are. I bet you’ll find the more confidence you have in yourself the more Mr. Rights will be lining up at your door.

Unless you use POF…then you’re just in for a world of hurt.

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