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Oh I blew… I blew hard.

If there is anything I learned from growing up in the 80s, it is to blow hard.  Blow very hard.  You may remember those Nintendo cartridges that only worked if you blew into them.

Nintendo Cartridge

Image Source: Wikipedia

I hated it when your game was all messed up, you had to take the cartridge out and blow as hard as you could.

This really is directly relevant to dating.  Sometimes, you need to just pull out.  Blow.  Then start the game again.

I literally make it part of my manifesto to hit the restart button.  When things aren’t going well in life, just start over.  Even if you have to hit restart and go back to square one.

I’m kind of doing this with dating.  For many, many years I’ve used online dating websites to connect with guys.  I recently updated my profile to say:

What I am looking for:  A guy who is willing to become a category on my blog. Profile

So far, I have only had one guy write me since.  I do not care.  This is truthful.  Whatever guy I date will become a category on my blog.  That is just how it works.  A potential boyfriend of mine should be offended if he wouldn’t become a category on my blog.

My point here is this though:  sometimes you have to shake things up and make a change.  So for now I am kind of in dating detox (I don’t think dates on Skype count as real dates).  I am learning more about myself, dating myself, and basically just chillin’.  I’ve taken more baths this month than I have in a year before that.  I’ve explored new types of music, read books and walked a lot.  I’m feeling really healthy and happy.

And now when I say, “It blows!” it’s a good thing because it means I’m starting over.  I’m blowing out the cobwebs in my game cartridge and starting fresh.  And when I come back into the game, I’m totally going to save the princess (myself).

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