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You Must Be At LEAST This Tall to Get On This Ride

at least as tall as ballsConfession: I am 5 feet 8 inches tall.

That’s pretty tall for a female. It’s certainly no record breaker, but it’s significantly taller than the average female. Sadly, it’s also as tall as the average male.

What does this mean in terms of dating life? It means a guy must be at least a certain height for me to be comfortable dating him. For me, “at least” is a solid 5’10” and really, I’d much prefer him to be an even 6 feet (you know, so I can wear heels).

I don’t know why all the shorties keep getting the tall guys, but this nonsense must stop. Did you know the average woman is 5 ft. 4 in. and the average man is 5 ft. 8 in.? For some reason though, women who are 5’4” tend to think they need a giant of a man who’s well over 6 feet. Where exactly does that leave tall women, like me?

For every girl who says, “How often are you going to stand together anyway?” I say: How tall are YOU? Because I’m willing to bet they are shorter than 5’8” and therefore can wear all their shoes and be same height or maybe still shorter than their man. I’d love to settle for same height. But with all the lying that happens with online dating, I basically can’t wear shoes while on dates to even attempt to pull that one off.

When setting up searches for online dating, I always set the height to be a minimum of 5’10”. But I think we all know this is risky since the majority of guys lie about their height (don’t deny it men – you do). For some strange reason though, I get lots of guys who are 5’6” or (gasp!) shorter sending me messages. No.

Just like in an amusement park, you must be AT LEAST my height to get on this ride.

Some woman can handle being taller than their man. I’m not one of them. Please respect that I have a minimum height requirement on my profile – or at least take note of how tall I am and spend some time thinking about that. My next step is going to be lying about my height and saying I’m 6 feet to better weed out the shorties. Don’t let it come to that gentlemen.

8 thoughts on “You Must Be At LEAST This Tall to Get On This Ride

    • I’ve never been told I’m lying about my height. I mean, it’s pretty obvious at some point. But if that happened, I’d whip out a tape measure. And then put heels on to make them feel even sillier about lying.

  1. I’m 5’10” and always wanted to go out with a girl taller than me. Never happened.
    Why do many women have an issue dating shorter men? I’m not talking heaps shorter, say a few inches or so. Even if I’m the same height it generally doesn’t go past a first date. Is it just about shoes? Genuinely interested рџ™‚

    • It’s partly shoes, and partly wanting to be able to look up to your date/partner. It’s a very “traditional” thing. There are women who are ok with dating a guy who’s shorter, although they may be harder to find.

      For me, I want to be able to look up to a guy. I don’t love being a tall girl.

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