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Birthday Edition: Advice by Amanda


That’s right, it’s my birthday. I’m now squarely in my late twenties and have some mixed feelings about it. There was a BuzzFeed article back in April that compared early twenties to late twenties. All of it was true for me – especially the “1 a.m. Saturday morning” and “social strategies” ones.

And then over the summer, BuzzFeed had a “30 Signs You’re Almost 30” piece. It was while reading that when I finally realized how deep into my twenties I really am. I HAVE left a bar because it was too loud and/or crowded. I also have a baggie full of business cards and no idea why I keep them or know what to do with them. I went on vacation recently and used almost two full bottles of sunscreen, wore a hat, and stayed in the shade as much as possible (at least I’ll have good skin when I’m 60).

But there are some good things to celebrate.

  • I have a job I really like and I’m what some would consider “successful” in my career.
  • I can afford a two bedroom apartment on my own (which I’m moving into this week).
  • There’s no reason for me to ever “go back to school” for anything since I locked up a Master’s degree over two years ago now.
  • I’m “internet famous” thanks to some random dude screaming at me in a voicemail.

All of that and I’m still under 30. It’s too bad they don’t have lists for regular people that celebrate “30 Under 30” like those celebrity magazines do. Maybe How to with Courtney and I will start one for our friends.

I did expect that by now I would have had at least one relationship that lasted more than year. I also anticipated that I wouldn’t have to try so hard to get a date. Being outside of college makes it harder to meet people, especially now that I’m “old” and don’t have the energy or desire to put on real pants and actually go out.

As I watch more and more of my friends start committed relationships and get married though, I realized what my next life goal would be. It’s not about getting married before I’m 30. It’s about doing whatever I want. I’d much rather continue to support myself and not be accountable to another person yet. Anyone can be in a relationship. Not everyone can get a job they love and be successful enough to do what they want.

And now…

Five Questions with Advice by Amanda

1. Favorite dating activity?
Actual activities. I’m terrible at a great many things, but enjoy them anyway. For example: bowling, billiards, and mini golf. I’m really bad at all of those things. But they’re fun and help take some of the pressure off on coming up with new conversation topics every single second during a date.

2. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Shark Week.В  My Friends Are Married. Listening to boy bands (and girl bands) from the 90s. Gossiping with How to with Courtney.В  The Internet.

3. Are you a pirate or a ninja?
Pirate, obviously. Pirates get to live on boats and drink rum all the time. Who wouldn’t want that? Besides, I’m not nearly stealthy or coordinated enough to be a ninja.

4. Favorite sherbet flavor?
I like to mix the raspberry and lime flavored sherbets together.

5. Puppies or babies?
Cats. I like to think of my cat as a cat-ten (cat/kitten) because he’s still a baby kitty to me. Who cares that he’s 14lbs? He lets me cradle him like a baby but is still pretty self-sufficient. And he kills bugs for me. He’s great. Occasionally, I borrow babies from my family. I have two niece-like babies whom I love very much. I also love that I don’t have to live the infant-life. It’s just not for me.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Edition: Advice by Amanda

  1. Oh wow, I just read the jezebel article….you know, I dunno. I just turned 27 last month and I feel ya, that’s why I started this blog about my last relationship….funny though. I’ve met tons of guys from online and nothing nearly as weird has happened to me. Seriously, I’ve met alot of people, maybe I’m the weird one.

    • I’m sure there are other women out there that deal with this level of crazy. I am the only person I know in real life though that’s had so many strange and horrifying things happen from online dating. At least I still have hope?

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