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Match Spinster Event

I have to give you a bit of a timeline to kind of check in and let you know how this single thing is going for me:

And there you have it!  The other day I attended one of the events hosted by  It was a wine tasting in a nice area of the city and according to Match, they try to ensure there is an even number of people from each gender and that they will be a good fit for you somehow.

I had a hard time trying to figure out what to wear because there were several differing opinions online.  So I posted to my blog readers to ask them for their opinion.  I gave them two options of dresses and two options of shoes and they selected for me.  That is one of many reasons to add to the list that I love being a blogger.

When my nerves were calmed after the selection of the outfit, I drove down to pick up my friend.  She is not a Match subscriber, but they let you invite single friends to attend with you.  I am very thankful I did this, otherwise I would have been quite nervous.

Smelling wine as part of wine tasting

We didn’t do this stupid smelling stuff, thank God. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We arrived a few minutes early and there was no one to greet us at the door.  The person that seemed to be employed by the shop did not greet us at all and we went around to find her and ask her where we should go.  She told us to go hang out by the bar, so we did.

My friend got a head start on the drinking and we just chatted as usual.  Finally there was a crowd that started to gather but we ignored it for awhile.  We started to notice there were very few guys but thought maybe they were running late.

Finally I turned around to check in.  We got all signed in and they gave us these name tags.  My friend and I were stumped by the favorite food question because one thing we have in common is that we don’t really like to eat.

Spinster Event on and Written by Liz of

The nametags were kind of cute, and did provide a way for us to introduce ourselves to others easily.  The host was great and had a fun personality.  He is an award winning chef in town and had a vibrant personality so he facilitated conversation.  Then he split us up to sit at the different tables assigned to us.

Unfortunately, there were only 2 guys and about 15 women. 

This is obviously a problem considering, I assume, most of us were there for the purpose of getting a date.  I also assume most of were heteresexual.  You never know, I guess.

I was at one of the tables that did not have men at them.  I was OK with that.  I will be honest, I am still supposed to be in dating detox so this helped me to not cheat on myself.  Interestingly enough, the four of us women at our table hit it off.  We told stories about dating, we shared information about travels, and we chatted about life in general.  We thoroughly enjoyed each others’ company.  Back in the day, all of us would have been considered spinsters and it turns out this event was perfect for that.

The wine was great as well.  We had the opportunity to taste 4 wines, choose one, and then drink a full glass of the one we chose.  The bartender was very generous so it was like we had consumed 5 glasses of wine by the end of the night.  I told my friend I was not going to let her drive home yet so we stayed to hang out and sober up a little bit.

Nearly everyone had left and then randomly one of the two guys came back in.  He sat down with us and introduced himself.  We had a fun conversation.

So we did have the opportunity meet one of the guys and I was able to message with the other through the site later.  Match did send out a list of everyone who had attended as well as those who had RSVPed.  There were an equal number of men to women but most of the men did not show up.

What makes this story super fun is that the women at our table exchanged contact information.  Yesterday, I had a first.  I had a date with a woman. 

It was the best date I have ever had.

Here is why:

  • There was no pressure.
  • We paid for ourselves and did our own thing.
  • We got there when we got there.
  • We parked where we parked.
  • We did what we wanted to do.
  • We were both flexible as to what to do next and when.
  • No one had anxiety (as far as I know).

It seriously was a blast.  So although I didn’t end up on a date with a man, I ended up with a new dating detox buddy.  So when I’m trying to go connect with a guy intravenously due to my addiction, I have someone to call up and hang out with to get my mind off of it.

Seriously:  Best Experience with Internet Dating Ever.

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