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Women Aren’t Born Crazy, Men Make Them That Way

i.chzbgrI’ve had my fair share of encounters of the crazy kind (as has Advice by Amanda). But one common thread with these crazies is they turned the most insane when I stopped talking to them without a cause – maybe after having led them on just a little bit first.

It’s not that I’m some evil, maniacal, plotter to end all man kind.  I swear I’m nice (on some days). It’s just for some reason or another I changed my mind and decided to not let the other party know.

Well men, you all do the same damn thing.

It drives me completely insane (like to the point of stalker-ville… well, maybe not quite that far. But if you tell me you can see yourself in a relationship with me and don’t freaking call me… I’m going to go a bit cray cray) when guys don’t tell you what they want/don’t want up front. Rather than spending weeks agonizing over what someone thought of you, wouldn’t it be more thoughtful to just say it up front?

A simple “Hey, not feeling you – but I’m sure you’ll find someone fab! Best of luck!”  That’s all we need.

Hell, I’ve even done this before. After a date – or one night stand – you just give a little follow up. A simple “Thanks, had fun! Just to let you know I’m not looking for anything right now best of luck on your search” or some crap like that. Just something to let them know you’re good and communication can end now.

Instead men make us wait and painfully check our phone with hopeful faces every time it lights up – only to be let down as we see it’s just another text from Mom. We can handle the polite “No, thanks.” It’s the waiting, wondering and being left in the dark that we can’t handle.

So this is my call to action for all men leaving one, or many, women hanging on by a hopeful piece of thread. Please, for our crazy sake and your phone bill, cut the damn thread. Tell us you’re not interested, tell us something harsh so we back the eff off. DO NOT LEAVE A DAMN SINGLE THREAD ATTACHED. It will come back to haunt you. I promise it will. And it will be crazy faced – and scarier than a clown.

(Did that work? Are you texting all of those girls now? I’m hoping to scare you into truth. If not then do it now or Oprah will haunt your dreams for the next three years.) 

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5 thoughts on “Women Aren’t Born Crazy, Men Make Them That Way

    • I really want to give men the benefit of the doubt and think they just don’t know the thread needs to be cut. If they think they’re sparing feelings by NOT saying anything, I get it. But that’s not helpful. We can handle being told they’re not interested.

  1. In my experience, Latin men will be utterly straight with you (though not so good in bed, no matter how handsome). Englishmen are fantastic in bed but crap at communicating and WILL string it out. Or they will tell you it is over and then come back 3 weeks later (WTF??) when you were just about ready to pull the Band-Aid off. So now I just do to them what they do to me. I leave them hanging. They may eventually come round – or not. Do I care??

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