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Fist Bump is the New Make out

fist bump

It can be really fun and interesting to see what the next new trend is. During my lifetime, I’ve seen some good trends – POGS, Beanie Babies, the birth of boy bands, iOS devices – with some of them even standing the test of time (yeah Backstreet Boys). For dating though, the biggest trend has really been online dating. Still, I think that’s now proven to be standing up to the test of time too. So what is the next trend in dating?

The fist bump.

After moving from the Internet to real life, I met up with the Architect at a local bar. We had a reasonably good first date. There was consistent chatting, a decent amount of flirting, and nothing weird happened. My basic requirements for a first date. We parted ways and soon made plans to see each other again.

After a few dates, we finally get to the good making out part of dating. He and his car had been separated during the evening, so I drove him back to it after. The Architect was a big guy – over 6 feet tall and a solidly built man. He fit into my snack-sized SUV, but it certainly wasn’t spacious for him.

When we finally parted ways, he turns in the passenger seat to face me. Expecting some kind of smooch goodbye or a quick kiss on the cheek at least, I was completely unprepared for him to ball up his hand and reach out… for a fist bump.

Never one to leave man hanging, I obliged him with the fist bump and then he got out of my car. Puzzled by this odd goodbye, I watched him walk away wondering why our evening just ended in the ultimate bro-bye. At the time, the best excuse I had was that he was just too big to comfortably turn enough to make a kiss happen.

Here’s possible reasons you say goodbye to your date with a fist bump:

  • She’s accepted as “one of the bros.” Basically, this girl is the shit and she can roll with your guy friends.
  • You realized you have a cold. It would be rude to pass on your germs to a girl and a handshake would definitely transfer more germs with that open palm.
  • Confined space doesn’t allow for anything else. This is plausible, but no girl will ever buy it so don’t bother.


Fist bump is the new make out.

2 thoughts on “Fist Bump is the New Make out

  1. This does not sound encouraging. This recently happened to me. I returned the fist bump, but continued and gave him a friendly hug, which he returned. That was it. What do you think? There were two people there who would not have been happy with us kissing. I need to add that. But I’m still confused.

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