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Use Those Numbers Wisely

Contrary to popular belief, women are not waiting by their phones the minute they give a guy their number. This may come as a shock to some old-school men out there who believe the “Three Day Rule” is still a thing. (Hint: When Urban Dictionary mocks the technique, time to give it up.)

Here’s an illustration if you wait too long to message a woman after getting her number:

Forgotten Number

Normally on this blog, we do our best to nickname or hide identities of the men involved in our stories. However, we chose to leave this one because from 1981-2006 Matthew was one of the top four most common male names in the U.S.

Without context clues, not even I was going to be able to pick out who this gentleman was. Which is too bad. Because he might have been really nice. He might have been someone I was really into when I gave him my number. But we’ll never know now. Because there was too much of a lag in time from giving him my number, and absolutely no context clue in his opener as to how I knew him. The reverse phone search wasn’t even helpful. C’est la vie.

P.S. The only correct response to “Who is this?” in a text is “Jake. From State Farm.”

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One thought on “Use Those Numbers Wisely

  1. So true. Delayed response = not that interested, so if he doesn’t call within a few days, it makes sense to forget him and move on.

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