Birthday Edition: How to With Courtney

I’d like to take a quick second out of my birthday post to apologize for the lack of updates. Advice by Amanda and I have been a bit preoccupied and sadly let our little love nest slip away from us. But have no fear! We’re coming back to you in 2014 like leggings came back in the 2000’s – all or nothing and helping lazy people everywhere look like they just came from the gym – well…yeah. I’m just going to stop there. Back to me: 

Yup, I’m smack dab between Christmas  and New Years, happy birthday to me. 

Growing up I was never the biggest fan of my birthday. None of my friends were ever around to come to a party, having an ice cream cake was ALWAYS out of the question, and people still hadn’t accepted that Christmas was over and Christmas wrapping paper should NOT be used for birthday presents. But hey, I’m growing as a person so I’ve learned to accept a few things…though give me a birthday present in Christmas wrapping paper and I’ll throw that shit right at you.

Happy things in my life now:

  • My friends love me, like a lot.
  • I still can’t get over the fact that I’m a puppy mom, she’s amazing and the best thing I’ve ever adopted – well the only thing I’ve ever adopted.
  • I just finished up as a consultant for a big brand – and I’m only  25.
  • I own a car and live in the city, I feel like that’s a big deal. I always thought you had to be rich for that.

I’m a little in shock that I’ve  entered my mid-twenties. This past year has been a year of unsettling transitions, between dating awful people who tell you you’re fat (that really happened, girls worst nightmare), to finally scoring your white whale – and every different job and living location in between.  But don’t worry, I’m still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up (you don’t hit that until your 40s right?) and how love will fit in with that.

One big thing I want to focus on more (now that I’m mid-twenties girl) is this blog. I love the little community that has magically grown over the past few months, and though Advice by Amanda and I have been a bit preoccupied I’m hoping we’ll both be able to turn back to our people (that being you) and share some more horrific stories (like the time I was kissed inside a water fountain, or when I was interviewed while on a first date and asked how it was going – not so great for me). Keep your fingers crossed and your legs open – or maybe the other way around.

And now…

Five Questions with How to With Courtney 

1. Favorite dating activity?

Laser-tag. I’ve only gone on one laser-tag date (it was a one-off) but I’d like my future husband and I’s first date to top that. Really any random date activity I like. Boring drinks and movies are just that, I like excitement and a guy willing to take a chance of committing to a new activity on the first date is the excitement I’m looking for. (Just fyi Ryan Gosling)

2. What’s your guilty pleasure?

“Say Yes to the Dress.” I will watch every marathon ever created of that show and I’ll enjoy every single tear-jerking moment of that shit.

3. Are you a pirate or a ninja?

Ninja…how is this even a question. I’m so sneaky I just snuck behind you and stole a piece of chocolate from your mom’s secret stash.

4. Favorite sherbet flavor?

Orange, it’s just so yummy – like most orange things are.  All other flavor need to figure out a new life goal.  

5. Puppies or babies?

Puppies because their cry isn’t nearly as ear-piercing, plus you don’t have to change  diapers. Though I like that babies eventually grow  into people, puppies just grow up into dogs so you still look crazy when you have full fledge conversations with them. Not that I do, well, okay, my dog and I have great conversations. I’m not too worried yet because she doesn’t talk back – that’s a good sign right?

Now excuse me while I spend my day brunching with Advice by Amanda.  We classy bitches like that.

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