Welcome to 2014!


Happy New Year everyone!

You may have noticed our recent absence. We’d like to apologize for that but instead offer this list of excuses on why we haven’t been blogging:

  1. Our nails were wet and we didn’t want to smudge them.
  2. There was just so much shopping to be done.
  3. We had to wash our hair.
  4. Our moms said it was rude to blog at the dinner table during Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Christmas.
  5. Epic naps.
  6. So many parties, so much whiskey.
  7. We were kidnapped by gypsies and forced to join their nomad ways.
  8. There was a “Dance Moms” marathon on.
  9. Building blanket forts seemed like a better idea.
  10. We discovered Just Fab.
  11. Rabid Velociraptors tried to take over the city and only we could stop them.
  12. Aladdin wanted to show us a whole new world.
  13. We re-discovered Joni Mitchell and went on an emotional journey to learn out how to feel again.
  14. Advice by Amanda got a subscription to the New York Times, and How to With Courtney discovered trashy romance novels.
  15. We were in simultaneous comas.

Honestly though, there’s just one real reason: Dating is hard. We needed a break.

While neither one of us considers ourselves Olympic sport daters, we do try to engage suitors online and then move it to the “meet for beverages” stage. And sometimes, you just want to do something else for a while. While we have stories about past dates for DAYS, we wanted a break from thinking about our love lives. And we think that’s perfectly OK.

Each of us has other interests. For example, did you know How to With Courtney recently moved? She explored a new city and started a new job. And did you know I have a shop on Etsy? I crafted and made cute things and even sold some of them.

I’ve never subscribed to the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing. (Courtney did share a great article that I can totally get on board with though.) But I like to think that each new year is a fresh start to things.

Our recommendation for 2014: Get out and do what you want.

  • Date… or not.
  • Try something new… or don’t.
  • Make new friends… or spend more time with your old ones.
  • Challenge yourself with something… or take a nap.
  • Write more… or read more.
  • Eat more chocolate… or don’t and have no soul.

Whatever you decide to do – we support that. Unless you plan on releasing ten or more Velociraptors into a subway;  we’re tired from our last battle.

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