Women Hold All the Cards

hold all the cardsA little while ago there was an article floating around that is actually so offensive, I refuse to link to it. The premise of the douche-author’s argument is self-confident women are horrible and more should be done to make women less empowered. Bottom line, this piece was incredibly chauvinistic and got both myself and How to with Courtney riled up.

The major flaw I saw in the argument is that women will never be equal to or better than men. Reality is women hold all the cards. Here’s how:

1. The world will end if all women choose not to have babies. 

That’s my whole list (#wewin). I think sometimes in all the arguments about how men are so great and awesome and the best at everything, they forget something they are completely incapable of doing. Having children.

I’ve read a few books lately that discuss what the world would be like if women didn’t have babies anymore. In one of them, radiation has made the majority of women sterile and messed with everything else so much normal babies are no longer conceived. Society is basically dying because women aren’t having kids.

Every time a new article pops about with some guy trolling for attention by making outlandish claims that women want to be led back into the kitchen to make a sandwich, I can’t help but do a dramatic eye roll. Whatever any woman chooses to do, may she be happy doing it. But can we please take a break from the “men are superior in every way” argument? Let’s not make the tough choice to prove our point by letting society die off slowly.

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