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How To Create a Tinder Profile

Creating an online dating profile takes a certain amount of time and finesse.  Hours have been spent agonising over the right humorous-yet-modest tone, how much one should write, how much information to divulge…  Tinder solves all of these problems!  You don’t need to write a thing.  Zero.  Zip.  All you need to do is upload a few photos.  After all, a picture says a thousand words right?

So here is my guide to creating a Tinder profile that will have you ‘matching’ like there’s no tomorrow…

Always choose a photo that clearly shows who you are


Make sure to enhance your best assets


And a strong face shot will always go down well


Everyone loves a close-up


And shades make you look more mysterious


A tiger is always a great photo accessory


The bigger the better


Ladies love a guy with a good head of hair


Not to mention a guy who looks great in speedos


Showing that you have attractive friends is a bonus (in case the lucky girl gets bored of you and decides to fancy one of your pals instead)


If there’s a girl in one of your photos, make sure to explain who she is


Girls like guys who have traveled


And remember to include the best photo that’s ever been taken of you. Ever.


And there you have it. Simple steps to getting just the right photo-impression of you!

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