How Dating Should Be

Have You Been Girlfriendzoned?

imagesNice guys” who claim that they are friendzoned but-don’t-understand-how-because-all-they-want-to-do-is-get-in-the-girls-pants-and-oh-my-god-nice-guys-always-finish-last – piss me the fuck off. I hate it when a guy tells me I friendzoned him. Sorry I didn’t go along with your imaginary relationship? Don’t have feelings for you bro.

However, girls are coming back with an even better label. Let me introduce “Girlfriendzoned” – as defined by Erin Gloria Ryan of  Jezebel:

“It’s the word for the pinning blame men place on women for their own unrequited feelings, or for how some men completely lose interest in women as people once it’s clear she’s not interested in them sexually. It’s something done by a man who was never interested in anything but a sexual relationship in the first place, and tried to use faux friendship as a way to achieve sexual ends.”

How has this not been a thing sooner? Rather than pinning blame on women for something we didn’t do – sound familiar? – we put the blame right where it should be. We can thank the ladies of Reddit (of course) for coining this amazing term.

Originally I was going to end the article there, but then while searching for an image I came across so many that were targeted so harshly at females purposely friend-zoning guys to get what they want – whether that be gifts, free ride, a friend? – it makes me sick. If you don’t want to be just friends with someone, speak up, if you do want to be just friends with someone… speak up. If we all just said our feelings and understood rejections happens the dating world might just be a better place.

Have you been girlfriendzoned?

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