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Our Upcoming Valentine’s Day Plans

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’re already deep in planning mode. Clearly, it was a lot of effort to sift through all of our suitors and decide who we’d give this very special love-themed day to.

Just kidding.

But here are some fun images that describe how our Valentine’s Day is going to go down.

Han Solo V-Day

We’ll the start the day on a high, from chocolate or hope we’re not quite sure.

But suddenly something will happen that will make us remember our real plans for that night. A Facebook post from an ex, our mothers calling to make sure we’re still alive, or something of that nature:

For the rest of the day we’ll be a roller coaster of emotions. Going from “nothing in life will ever be okay” to “just being single.” It will look something like this:


Back to this:

Finally we’ll come to terms with how our night will be spent:


Prepare yourself people

You  could always get REAL crazy and live tweet the Beebs’s arraignment. That’s happening on Valentine’s Day too. 


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