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Why Ripping My Leggings Was My Sign to Move On

timthumbI bought my first pair of leggings when I met the guy I was sure I was going to marry. After my first date with him I was so infatuated it wasn’t healthy. He was older than me, had a real job, and lived in Boston by himself.

He was everything I didn’t think I was looking for.

Our first date consisted of sushi, walking around mocking people, and kissing in the public gardens. By the time it was over I had planned out our lives together. It was magical, and everything I wanted in a new relationship. He was caring and thought I was attractive (and actually told me!). He was just what the doctor ordered.

He loved me in leggings. And from the moment I bought that Victoria’s Secret pair, they quickly became “his leggings.”

We only officially lasted three-ish months. The week following that break up was utter hell, though I think I lost a solid five pounds. But those leggings were always his. I hated wearing them on dates, or with other guys because all I could think was that I was somehow cheating on him.

Eventually we started sleeping together again – for a year and half more. Needless to say my leggings got a good work-out.

Well here we are, almost two years to our first date.  And my leggings ripped. His leggings ripped. We’ve been giving each other space, after I might’ve – kind’ve – broke a bit, so I couldn’t send him a sad face picture or anything.

It just seemed like the right sign that things were over. It was time to “throw away” the damaged goods and move on. But it’s really hard to throw away something that makes you feel so comfortable, something you were just wearing yesterday, something that you look really good in. Even if it does show you in a vulnerable state.

But, things break, they get destroyed and while they may still be comfortable, you need to know when to move on. As much as that sucks (and it does suck). Luckily, if you’re like me,  moms and friends will always be there with chocolate cake.

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