How Dating Should Be

The Gamification of Dating

Wouldn’t dating be better if you could win a prize for different levels completed while on a date?

gamification2It wouldn’t matter whether the date was going good or bad, you’d still be have a shot at winning the prize. For example, one level could be dropping the M bomb (marriage) on your date – this would be level seven where you’d win one walk home free of shame.

Maybe it’s because I like things that involve games. Maybe it’s because I enjoy free things. Whatever the reason, I’ve decided my dating life needs to be gamified.

Think about the online communities you’re in, the fantastic badges (or free chickens you land) you earn for different levels you complete. What if one level was going on three dates with three different guys named Chris – for this level you earn guilt-free head that you don’t have to return.

It would be a whole new way to date! Rather than constantly worrying if you’re doing the right thing, you’d have a list of levels to complete. You’d not only meet more people, but I bet you’d be open to trying new things.

Maybe nothing from the Snuggie Sutra until level 20, but a second date with a guy you’d normally pass on- that could be a thing.

I’m just saying, badges may make for a more active dating life. It could turn you into the more proactive dater you’ve been itching to become (hopefully the itching won’t be a sign of crabs though).

Now I realize many online dating sites have already done this, giving you credit for making the first move, using that creepy button to wink at people, and proposing dates- but my game would be in real life, and none of this poking or winking crap involved. And badges would include actual things, like indulging in the brownie we all want after sex without commentary from out bedmates. Or a free pass to send our bedmates home after sex without question.

Who knows, maybe Advice by Amanda and I will create a dating game for us all to play – or at the very least a guide to turning your bad date good. Hint, beer goggles and chocolate cake help.

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