Sage Advice

The SURPRISE First Kiss Method

Lover's EmbraceLately I’ve been dating guys who aren’t aware that kissing is a well timed activity, not one where you hurl your face at an object and hope for the best. Surprisingly, that’s not the right way to go about the first kiss.

You see men, us ladies have a sort of standard when it comes down to that first moment. The first time we let you put your lips on ours we’d prefer you to not  attack our faces with your eyes closed and hope for the best.

We’d like to have something timed out. I mean TV shows, books, and (obviously) Disney have led us to believe the first kiss is supposed to be some magical tell-all of whether we should enter into a relationship or a casual one night stand with you.

So if you smash your face against mine in some untimely fashion, chances are neither of those things are in your future.

It’s not that I’m being picky here. I just want a first kiss that has a good story. Think of it this way: if we ended up getting married would you want our children to know the first time Daddy kissed Mommy he barely touched her lips? I mean at least if you broke my nose it would be funny.

But a sad attempt for a kiss because you wussed out? Not so much.

If you’re going to kiss someone, then kiss them. What’s the worse that happens? They don’t kiss you back? Well, then you know it’s time to move on. Plenty of times I’ve made the first kiss move, and almost every single time (except for one, but I was young and didn’t read the uninterested signs) it’s been more than welcome.

We all know it’s difficult to take the first lean in and go for gold, but rushing to “get it over with” is never the answer. Take your time, and enjoy that first moment – because you’ll never be able to get it back.

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