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My Date Who Failed Trivia

As far as date activities go, trivia is a pretty good one. You have the opportunity to flex your knowledge and impress your date with the ridiculous amount of random facts you have on file – or you can laugh about not knowing anything.


Everything about trivia sets up for a good date:

  • Takes place in a bar – check
  • Drinks are available – check
  • Has good background music (generally) – check
  • Offers an activity to offset maintaining constant conversation – check
  • Lets you show off mad skills in random facts – check

Basically, trivia lets you learn about your date. You can figure out what types of things they like (based on the broad and random categories), allows for more natural conversation (discuss facts that interest you, or how terrible you are at math, or which genre of books you like), and lets you FLIRT.

That’s right, flirting. You may remember the previous post on flirting. Here’s where those flirting skills should be put into action. That’s right kids. We’re done with theory and on to practice. Trivia lets you flirt – you sit close, banter about the right answer, tease when you don’t know the answer, and laugh at jokes (I can’t be the only one who writes down random things and/or draws pictures when you don’t know the answer).

To my surprise however, I went on a trivia date and was sadly disappointed. My date failed at trivia. And I don’t mean failed as in lost the game (although that happened too). I mean he didn’t take the opportunity to enjoy the flirting setup that trivia so nicely provided. He didn’t laugh at my jokes (i.e. Who discovered penicillin? Someone awesome, thanks dude!). He didn’t take the opportunity to tease me for not knowing things (i.e. literally any sports related question), or for knowing things (i.e. crayon colors named after food). No playful bumping shoulders when the answer was obvious after getting something wrong or high fives when we nailed a round.

The bottom line here, is that trivia is a great date idea. But it is possible to fail at the trivia date, apparently.

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