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Snuggie: Bringing Sexy Back


Surfing the web, I came across a little gem called The Snuggie Sutra by Lex Friedman. My initial reaction to this book: MUST. READ.

Channeling the original fancy sex book, The Karma Sutra, The Snuggie Sutra offers fun ways to get down and dirty in your favorite blanket/robe. Fully illustrated, this handy little book gives you a plethora of creative ways to get it on under the comfort of the bright blue fleece-y goodness of the Snuggie.

It’s hilarious and includes some creative positions like:

  • Sleeve it to Beaver
  • The Scrimmage Line
  • The Tablecloth
  • The Snorgy

The Young Turks discuss The Snuggie Sutra at length and cover some other positions.

What I want is to get some feedback from anyone who has tried these fun and fleece-y positions. I just want to know how ridiculous you feel while getting some while wearing a backless robe!

Apparently, there is no wrong way to wear a Snuggie. So next time you want to get a little action but you’re feeling chilly, just reach for your favorite fleece blanket with arms. JT’s losing the monopoly on sexy – clearly the Snuggie is bringing sexy back.

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