Why Being Single is (Sometimes) Awesome


Every now and then, I am extremely happy to be single. Mostly because it means I never have to check what someone else is doing before taking off to do my own thing, I can change from pajamas directly into yoga pants and there’s no one to judge my laziness, and I can shave my legs at my leisure (or not at all).

And then BuzzFeed came out with this gem: “The 24 Most Underrated Parts of Being Single.”

My personal favorites from this list are rocking embarrassing pajamas like a boss, no one to hog the sheets on you, and not getting into fights about stupid shit.

As much as I would like to be in a relationship, there are moments when I realize a relationship means I would be giving up the sweet, sweet single-life. I really appreciate time to myself. Maybe it’s slightly selfish or maybe it’s knowing how to keep myself sane. Either way, being single is sometimes awesome.

Remember that next time you sprawl diagonally across your bed and not having to share a square inch.

2 thoughts on “Why Being Single is (Sometimes) Awesome

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