Not So Tall Tales / Rules

Rules for Promoting Your Club/DJ/Gig

Here’s the scene: You log into your online dating site and see that you have a new message. You’re all excited to see what this message says and what kind of guy was gutsy enough to finally make a move. You click the message and this is what you get:

Club Promo

No. Do not use an online dating forum to promote your stuff. I don’t care if it’s a club event, a DJ thing, to see your band play or any other gig you’ve got planned.

This may seem obvious, but an online dating site is for dating. It’s not an outlet for you to self-promote. Sure, you could try to argue that inviting a girl to your event is a casual date, something that doesn’t have as much pressure. But in reality that just creates an awkward situation. If a girl did accept the offer, is she expected to sit/stand/hang by herself while you’re doing whatever it is you do? That’s weird.

So when, exactly, is it ok to ask a girl to go to your event? About three months after you’ve been dating. And let her bring a friend.

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