Not So Tall Tales / Sage Advice

Foreign Affairs


When given the opportunity to make out with a Lebanese god at a hookah bar, always do it.

Here’s what happened. It was one of those great nights out with my best friend. The kind that isn’t really planned out and we just go with the flow, bar hopping without the normal prep work involved in the “going out” process. After apps at one place, drinks at another, we found ourselves at our favorite hookah bar.

After a round of drinks and half a hookah, a trio of guys is seated near us in the darkened lounge. One of the guys approaches my friend and invites us to join them – which, of course, we do. After a few minutes of polite conversation, we order more drinks and settle in to laugh and flirt with these guys.

Next thing you know, my friend is wearing a hip scarf and shaking what’s she got and I’m laughing and taking pictures (apparently, I found them on my phone later) with this giant Lebanese man. I’m tall for a girl and he towered over me – even in my heels. As my friend described him, “he’s a Lebanese god!”

When the hookah bar closed for the evening, we walked downstairs with the guys. He gave me his name and number. I’m absolutely sure I did not spell or hear his name correctly. It doesn’t really matter though. It was just one fun night at a hookah bar.

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