5 Breakfast Date Rules To Live By


If you have ever find yourself in a situation where you agree to go on a morning date — and cannot get out of it– here are some rules to keep in mind, good rules such as eat as many doughnuts as you like.

Brush your goddamn teeth. There is nothing worse than morning breath stank, so brush your teeth as soon as you wake up, and after you shower. If you’re stuck with a morning date you need to at least try to look half-way decent, and using your pearly whites as distraction might be the thing that wins this dude over.

Shower before going. I can’t always tolerate coffee on an empty stomach, so sometimes I use a shower to wake me up. Try jumping in the shower quickly to give you a quick jolt right out the door. Just make sure not to shave while half asleep, I have a feeling that would get a bit messy.

Bring mints if you like coffee. Not every morning date ends in a kiss, but rather err on the side of caution with this one and come packing protection. Protection in the form of mints. I’m partial to bringing mints on dates because I sometimes look like a cow chewing gum, but feel free to switch it up.

Order a doughnut if you want a doughnut. I’m past the point of suffering through an egg white omelet without cheese and only veggies. My last morning date ended leaving me hungry and craving coffee so I stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way home for a watered down coffee and a doughnut less fabulous than the ones from the restaurant we were just at. Don’t miss out because you’re trying to impress someone, just go for the doughnut (which is probably more impressive anyway).

Wear something comfortable. I’m all for leggings as pants. And if you’re making my ass get out of bed before ten on a weekend, you can sure you’ll be seeing me in one of my many ensemble that includes leggings. Everyone knows that after a weekend morning date you’re probably going back to bed, so dress up comfy casual for the occasion. Plus no point in overdressing just for pancakes – though pancakes typically do deserve your Sunday’s best.

If all else fails cancel the morning date and switch it to the afternoon, I’m sure even the person you’re canceling on will enjoy some extra shut eye before meeting your gorgeous self.

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