Dear Men, Please Stop Public Shaming, Street Harassment, and Cat-Calling

941427_619197888108685_953574998_nLil’ Wayne should have taught men “how to flirt” rather than “how to love.” In my experience men need help on both fronts, but this latest round of flirt-cat calls has got my lady boner – as well as Advice by Amanda’s – feeling sad.

If you think telling me the level of bounce my ass currently has will get my lady boner to rise you are mistakenly wrong, sir. Rather than saying “I like your shirt and you know, everything coming out of it” why don’t you just say “how’s your day?” Because, honestly, I didn’t wear that shirt hoping some low life like you would compliment my tits. I wore it because after a month of trying to lose weight I finally fit into my favorite shirt again. And hell yes I wore a sweet boob bra – but not for you dude, for me.

NEWS FLASH: Not every women in the world dresses to impress men. I dress for myself. If I’m feeling hot  I’m going to dress in something sexy – for myself. Not for you asshats.

I’m sick and tired of men feeling the need to do these drive by verbal attacks – because that’s what it feels like when you question my underwear type, ogle my boobs and ass, or ask me if I want to ride your dick later. It’s pathetic,  makes you look like a coward, and leaves me wondering why in the world I couldn’t like girls instead of guys.

You demeaning my body isn’t going to make me take kindly to your awful advances. However, depending on my mood – and if I’m carrying groceries – it will guarantee that your “mad-cool” car is covered in tomato juice.

How long before men get it through their thick skulls that we aren’t here just for them, we don’t care what they think, so if they could kindly keep their opinions to themselves that’d be great. For long enough women have gotten in trouble for distracting the opposite sex with our bodies – I wish I was kidding but here is a recent article on it.

Though, luckily there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and blogger Mike Julianelle is that light. Here’s a quote from one of his posts that helped me  regain faith in humanity in the wake of stupidity:

Huffington Post blogger Mike Julianelle, for example, wrote that while he would certainly caution any of his (hypothetical) daughters against posting suggestive pictures online, he will just as certainly be teaching his son “that just because he sees a picture of a naked or half-naked or three-quarters naked or fully naked girl or woman or boy or man online, and just because he can’t ‘un-see’ such a picture, that doesn’t mean he has ownership over that person, or that he has the right to shame that person, or that he has any idea of who she really is based on a photo or that it’s OK for her to be nothing more than a sex object to him.”

It’d be nice to stop being seen as a sexual object because I was born without a penis. Luckily, many have joined the fight to end the shamming- now it’s just making sure we’re louder.

::Steps off soap box::

One thought on “Dear Men, Please Stop Public Shaming, Street Harassment, and Cat-Calling

  1. I love this! You’ve hit the nail on the head with men’s presumptions that everything women do is to please them.

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