Dating for Bar and Restaurant Recommendations

dating for meals

I’ve moved a lot. Nothing prolific, but I’ve moved twice in the past two years. With each move, I’ve had to find new coffee places, restaurants, and bars. I’m not talking about for dates – I’m talking about the local places that I like to hang out at by myself, or go with friends when they visit.

That’s why dating in a new city can be so great. When making a date, you’re off the hook for making any decisions on where to go – simply because you’re not yet familiar with anything. You get to rely on your date to make some recommendations on good places. First dates are especially great too because most guys want to impress you with their venue selection. That means you avoid the chain restaurants as your date shows off his local knowledge.

First date is usually coffee or drinks. Coffee shops are sometimes tough simply because of the abundance of Starbucks on nearly every corner. At a minimum, you get to explore a new neighborhood. Drinks are good because that almost always results in a local bar. That’s how I’ve been able to pick my favorite places and identified places to absolutely avoid at all costs. Some of those places ended up being great for a night out with friends, others were good for a quick after work drink, and others were a good option to watch a game.

Restaurants are the best though. I have been introduced to some amazing places that I never would have found on my own. I’m a sucker for a good hole in the wall restaurant that has great food but isn’t always that easy to find – or looks sketchy enough on the outside that most people would skip over it.

The best part of getting local recommendations while playing the dating game is that even if your date is a bust – for whatever reason – you still end up taking away a good experience. One of the most boring dates I’ve been on resulted in me having this amazing dinner that I still think about.

Since I’m relocated and settling in now, I look forward to getting out and dating. Maybe this time I’ll find some great places and a great date!

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