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Women We Love: Anjelah Johnson

Have you heard of Anjelah Johnson?  She is HILARIOUS.  She is a comedienne from California.  She was formerly an Oakland Raiders cheerleader who started out when she was single and is now somewhat recently married.  I found her on YouTube awhile back when she was just getting started  and she now has her own channel.  I also like her because she is actually fairly clean.  I am pretty sure she doesn’t use curse words, but you don’t even notice because you are cracking up.  Here is one of my favorite videos of her:

Anjelah Johnson is one of my favorite comediennes and she hits the nail on the head in this video.  I have literally experienced the whole thing where they made animals noises at me when I was buying screws in Lowes Home Improvement.  I wondered if I should say “hola” or if that would be offensive because I was assuming their ethnic background.  So I just didn’t say anything and kept walking toward the aisle my boyfriend, at the time, was perusing.

I tend to be flattered regardless of what way a guy is responding to you.  Some women immediately think they are creeps.  It’s not that I do not think they are creeps, but I just appreciate that I am receiving recognition for taking a shower and putting on makeup. Normally I try to avoid that in dating situations: - Finding a date online is far superior to taking a shower, putting on makeup, wearing nice clothes and leaving my apartment to meet people.

What do you do when you are encountered with types of situations?

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