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One Week, Three Dates


I had a lot of dates in one week. Three dates over six days. Three and a half if you count an office party. The best part of this date-filled week was the total variety of “dates.” (Especially if you count that office party.)

The first date was a lady-date. You know, that great date you have with one of your close friends to just catch up and chat and laugh. No pressure, just fun. We met for dinner and spent the evening trading stories about work, her husband, my dating life, and other friends we wanted to catch up with. All around, a lovely night.

The second date was a real date. It was a first date after chatting for a few weeks online. It’s always exciting when you move into the actual meeting part of an online date experience. Of course, I also always have that moment of absolute dread while driving to meet my date. You know, that pit in your stomach that tells you, “He’s going to be boring and short, I can feel it.”

The half date was an office party. That was quite delightful. I consider myself still a “new girl” in the office and this was my first time really getting to talk with coworkers outside the office. A few of us traded dating stories. We got food and cupcakes and the chance to dress up and go to a swanky restaurant above the city. It was fun.

Date three was another real date. Again, that feeling of dread and hope all mingled together to give just the slightest touch of nausea.

It was a busy week. There were lots of experiences, some laughs and plenty of leftovers for lunch.

What’s the point here? Mix up your dates – have some friends, have some real dates, make friends with coworkers. The variety of things I had going on made the balance between awkward date and quality time with friends much better.

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