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Psychic Connection: A Psychic Love Reading [Review]

I would describe myself as a realistic and a skeptic. However, I also really like reading my horoscope. Deep down, there’s this tiny bit of optimism that maybe, just MAYBE, it all might be true. My approach to anything psych is with a heavy dose of skepticism though.

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to have a psychic love reading from Psychic Source. A call was arranged and next thing I knew – I had my very first psychic reading.

tarot cardsSedona is an Astrologer and Tarot card reader. She began our phone session by first asking for my birth date, time and location (I’m a Libra, in case you were wondering). The discussion began by going through my chart and discussing my sign and the astrological influences over it. I will avoid trying to summarize everything she explained for fear of getting it wrong or misunderstanding. The bottom line is she gave me a fairly good description of my personality. Was it a perfect description? No, but it was interesting and gave me something to think about.

Before getting into what would specifically happen for my love life, she gave me a general overview of how alignments would influence me this year. Apparently, toward the end of the year I will feel like I HAVE to do something (i.e. get married, be more responsible, find a career, buy a house, have a kid). The important thing she said is to remember just because I may feel like I HAVE to do something doesn’t mean I need to – or that I should. She did recommend focusing on investing and doing more with my finances and work on building security for my future. That’s just good advice, psychic or not. I’ll take it.

I asked her a few questions about my love life:

  • Will there be any more dating horror stories?
  • Anything good coming my way for once?
  • Is there hope for the future?

According to Sedona, this is my year for dating, not mating. I could expect a lot of random people coming in and out of my life and I should just enjoy them and let them go. It’s not likely the year I will find a real relationship. She also said she sees a lot of work and asked if I had multiple jobs. Technically, I do. She suggested I work too much and should give myself a break and be more social. Again, solid advice.

However, she said I have an event coming up that I don’t want to attend but I know a lot of people going and will go begrudgingly. She equated this event to an ex-boyfriend’s wedding to explain my hesitation in going. I couldn’t think of anything I’m dreading, except maybe a 5K that I haven’t even pretended to start training for. She said the event would be in very early June – the race is May 31. That’s close, right?

At this event I’ll meet the next person coming into my life. He is very generous and kind and loves to be a rescuer and a hero – and that he’d come on pretty strong. Her adding the “come on pretty strong” was key since I do NOT like the rescue-type. I’m no damsel. She explained he’d be a good relationship for me for a while, although it wouldn’t be a lasting one. She described it as “quite the affair” but it wouldn’t be right in the end. That relationship may teach me there are good guys though. There were a couple clues for him – like he’d work with fish or was connected to water in some way. She even tossed out a possible first name letter, but wasn’t too sure on that. I’m terrible at names these days, so I won’t hold her to that guess.

The good news is she didn’t see any dating horror stories coming up. Hopefully that comes true. I could use a break from rage monsters, men who date teenagers, arsonists, or pie guys.

Overall, the experience was really fun and kind of enlightening. Do I believe all of it? I don’t know. For me, the reading gave me a little bit more hope than I had before we started talking. Behind all my skepticism is the faintest little optimist. I’ll go ahead and find my sneakers to start training for that 5K (just in case).

My psychic reading was provided for free by This review and summary reflects my honest opinion of the experience and was not influenced in any way. My feedback here is as honest as possible.  

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