When Professionals Hate on Tinder


Part of the attraction of Tinder is the immediate judgments you are encouraged to make on people. It’s not like they’ll ever know you swiped left instead of right, know what I mean?

But there’s also been a bit of controversy around Tinder. Claims that it’s the shallow option for online dating ranks pretty high on that list. The counter-argument is that in real life you pretty much make your decision on approaching someone based on how they look. Sure, you may decide to move on after five seconds of conversation for any number of reasons, but most people make an approach because they’re attracted to someone.

Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stranger, reviewed a random sampling of men and provided her thoughts on profiles. She was not a fan of Tinder, citing you couldn’t learn anything about these bachelors from the limited (or non-existent) profiles. Patti summarizes what I so often thought while swiping through profiles. From horrible pictures, weird statements, vague job descriptions to downright awful statements, Patti was entirely displeased with Tinder prospects.

Who can blame her? Tinder is not the dating site where anyone is putting in a lot of effort. You get what you give, right?

Check out Tinder stories here, mostly from the lovely Charlotte.


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