How Dating Should Be

Do you want to see me naked? Check Yes or No


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m in a bit of a dating slump. AKA: I hate dating and have no interest in putting in the energy to flirt with someone, let alone be nice to them.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that the chase sucks.

I hate the carefully crafted dance around dating. “Does he like me?” “Why did he just push his hair back like that, does that mean he hates how mine looks right now?” Really? This is what we’re being resolved to when around the opposite sex? I also am super impatient so this little dance doesn’t work for me.

Why drag out a month of awkward interactions where we both pretend we’re not interested? Then again, maybe I’m just not dating right. I just think my time, and theirs, would better be spent once we both admit we’re in love with each other. Rather than doing this dreadful “does he, doesn’t he” thing.

Uh, you could ask. Watch how simple this is:

Person 1: Hey, do you like me? And I don’t mean as a friend or someone you would occasionally text on long nights alone, I mean like me like me – like you’d potentially want to spend a weekend together without sex?

Person 2: No, I don’t.

Person 1: Okay, well now I know. I can move on, so thank you.

Wouldn’t that be so nice?  You’re welcome for giving you two months of your life back. So I challenge you to be more open about what you’re looking for. Don’t let fear hold you back. Stand up and say “Yes, I do want to see you naked. But that’s it. I don’t want your love.”

You go on with yourself girl. Get some.


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