About Our Amazing Contributors

LizLiz Barnett

Elizabeth is tall for a girl, considered obese by BMI standards but “about average” on her online dating profile.  She is 30-something and has used Match.com since it was called [email protected] on a dial up connection.  Although she should have been done with college over a decade ago, she’s spent more time as a college student than as a full-time employee, most likely because she likes to avoid reality.  You can find her blogging at WomanlyWoman.com or on Twitter @WomanlyWoman.  You can also find her “taking a walk” from her car to the bar in downtown Cincinnati. You can also ask Liz more questions here: ask.fm/WomanlyWoman

Five Questions with Liz

1. Favorite dating activity?
My favorite dating activity is taking long walks on the beach. Unfortunately, I live in Southern Ohio.
2. What’s your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure is live tweeting The Bachelorette while dreaming I’m on an Island making out with 25 guys.
3. Are you a pirate or a ninja?
I am a pirate. I like to jump in and take charge. I like to order people around and basically threaten them to give me what I want.
4. Favorite sherbet flavor?
I like the multi-flavored sherbet.
5. Puppies or babies?
I prefer babies over puppies. However, I prefer puppy poop over baby poop because you can just pick it up with an inside out grocery bag. No diapers involved.

032 (2)Charlotte Rottenburg

Charlotte is a 20-something Londoner who has decided to embrace single life in England’s capital city.  Having little patience with sleazy bar chat, as well as a pretty bad track record when it comes to relationships, she has turned to Tinder to find something different, resulting in a wide range of experiences and stories.  She is sarcastic by nature, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and can be honest to a fault.  You can find her blogging about dating, life in London and general musings on life at charlotteevr.wordpress.com, and follow her on Twitter @charlotte_r24.

Five Questions with Charlotte

1. Favourite dating activity? (Spelled fancy because Charlotte is from the UK)
This would usually be skiing (it’s daylight, half your face is covered and if the guy is awful you can just lose him on the slopes).  Sadly London is rather lacking in mountains, so I’ll go with table tennis or bowling.
2. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Watching back-to-back episodes of shows like 90210 or Grey’s Anatomy, wrapped in a blanket eating an entire pack of cookies…
3. Are you a pirate or a ninja?
Definitely a pirate, just with slightly better clothes.  If only I had the stealth and subtlety of a ninja…
4. Favourite sherbet flavour?
Umm I think sherbet’s more of an American thing, we don’t really have it over here.  Original flavour I guess??
5. Puppies or babies?
100% puppies.  Way cuter, sleep through the night, more fun to play with.  And babies scare the hell out of me anyway.

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